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A progressive society is that which thrives in community or people oriented developmental projects for the benefit of all. When our communities are adequately provided with basic social amenities, conducive living environment and projects that enhances people's economic power and pursuit, the resultant effect is improved standard of living. Excessive greed and self-aggrandizement has turned our society into a jungle of winner takes it all. This has led to the enslavement of a large portion of our society members who are suffering under the draconian oppression of the few rich.

The common man is subjugated to hardness and absence of basic social amenities. It is this noticeable gap that Swissindo World Trust International Orbit Foundation (SWTIOF) has come to fill by making the World a better place for all to dwell in. This we believe can be achieved by the enhancement and improvement of human value through the execution of people oriented developmental projects. We are committed to creating an enabling and conducive environment for people to pursue their goals and aspirations.

We believe that provision of basic amenities is a springboard for economic empowerment and creation of value. SWTIOF is a Non-Governmental Organization officially registered in Nigeria with the Corporate Affairs Commission. It is an extended arm of its parent body Swissindo WORLD TRUST INTERNATIONAL ORBIT – UKOGSE – an organization with a divine mandate to liberate the world from financial slavery through Payment 1-11.

H. E. Joel C. EZEUGO - Chairman Board of Trustees

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The team at Swissindo World Trust International Orbit Foundation Nigeria brings strong expertise and experience, as well as deep empathy and understanding to support the vision, mission and objectives.

H. E. Joel C.

Chairman Board of Trustee

Hon. Joseph

Secretary Board of Trustee

H. E. Moses E.

Member Board of Trustee

Hon. Oluwadaisi R.

Member Board of Trustee

H. E. Kelechi E.

Member Board of Trustee

Hon. Emmanuel B.

Member Board of Trustee

Hon. Oladipupo O.

Member Board of Trustee

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